Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty refers to the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics before age 7 or 8 in girls and before age 9 in boys, without treatment. Paradoxically, it leads to large stature in childhood, but short stature in adulthood. Learn more about the condition, its diagnosis and the different treatment options available.

The main consequence of precocious puberty is small adult stature. Treatment with GnRH analogs has been the treatment of choice since the 1980s for central precocious puberty. They block further pubertal development, slow the advancement of bone age and normalize the pace of growth. All of these actions provide hope for the child reaching an improved adult height. The suppression of gonadotropins by the analogs can be reversed and gonadotrope activity resumes a few months after treatment is discontinued.

7 or 8

the average age of precocious puberty in girls


the average age of precocious puberty in boys.

Last update 13/04/2017