Ethics & Compliance

Our dedication to improve the health and quality of life of our patients demands the highest ethical standards throughout all areas of company life, from research and development through to marketing.

Promoting a culture of ethics and compliance across the organization is a key objective for Ipsen, reflected in our global Ethics and Compliance program, with the Code of Ethical conduct as the cornerstone. It is set out to achieve two main objectives: to integrate essential ethical concepts and, more specifically, to mobilize Ipsen’s teams around our vision of Ethics.

The Code sets out the six pillars of Ethics at Ipsen:



Equity of employees is the cornerstone of our success: ensuring that employees and applicants are treated in a fair way… We intend to ensure fair and equal treatment for all employees and at all stages of the hiring process. Ipsen drives a culture of respect for people and transparency in the employees evaluations so that all our employees have the opportunity to work and develop their career in an environment free of discrimination, harassment or any other form of unfair behavior.



Transparency is key to ensure the safety of our patients and to reinforce the trust of our stakeholders. We aim to ensure transparency not only about our product communication and about our interactions with the Healthcare Professionals, organisation and patient groups, but also in all financial disclosures.


Health dedicated

Improving the lives of patients is our raison d’être; the search for innovative solutions for disabling conditions is at the heart of everything we do. Because patient health depends on it, we are committed to providing the products of the highest quality and complying with the highest standards in all stages of the products’ life cycles. In addition, we strive to protect the health of our employees and the general environment.



Integrity is key to maintain the highest level of performance and the trust of our stakeholders. We will not tolerate any practices that might create confusion regarding the integrity of our company or an employee, such as corruption, conflicts of interest, uncompetitive practices, or the use of confidential information for personal purposes.



We comply with all applicable laws, codes and regulations governing our industry.


Speak up

We are developing a culture of free speech to promote open dialogue and discussion on ethics and compliance issues.

Last update 13/04/2017