Careers at Ipsen

Ipsen aims to foster the development and higher performance of all employees, to promote a culture of managerial excellence and to engage all employees on the achievement of our business goals.


A dynamic and innovation driver group

Joining Ipsen means being part of a dynamic and innovation-driven Group which offers motivating challenges and a wealth of opportunities in research and development, production, procurement, sales and marketing and support functions all of them aligned to provide better solutions to patients.

Ipsen aims to create a work environment that:

  • Fostering the development of Group employees through continuous dialog about their needs, motivations and expectations, while offering access to training and mobility, 
  • Promoting a culture of managerial excellence, 
  • Engaging all employees, through the development of a supportive environment, with a culture of continuous improvement and a competitive compensation policy.

Ipsen’s ambition is to be an employer of reference in the biotech / pharma industry.


Compensation and performance

Our compensation and benefits policy is based on three key principles: fairness within the company, external competitiveness and rewarding performance.

The IPAP (Individual Performance Appraisal Process) is the dialog between each employee and his/her line manager and provides the opportunity to translate the Group’s objectives into individual goals in line with the Group’s strategy as well as set up. For managers, this is used to motivate and encourage team members to achieve their objectives as well as to provide guidance and coaching. For employees, the interview is the ideal opportunity to discuss their performance and any difficulties they may have encountered in their work and to set up the best developmental actions to raise the bar on the individual’s performance and contribution both now and in the future


Development, training and mobility

Ipsen is committed to offering employees training and development opportunities. In 2015, we provided more than 112 000 hours of training to our employees, an average of more than 25 hours per person.

We designed the Ipsen Management Academy (IMA) to support leaders’ development, in particular on our four main principles:




The Ipsen Management Academy is a dedicated learning place where you will find 10 tailor-made training paths to develop ten key competencies supporting our four main principles. In addition, you will find training programs related to six other competencies that are also required for some of our roles. Finally, the IMA includes ten workshops in response to the operational needs of our managers. The Ipsen Management Academy is continuously evolving in line with the best market practices of blended learning and development.

The Personal Development Meeting (PDM) allows each employee to make an update with his/her manager on employee’s professional experience, skills, motivation, and to identify employee’s development areas and professional desires. The PDM is the interview between the employee and the manager and it leads to the formalization of an action plan whose implementation is accompanied by our Human Resources teams.

Ipsen also actively promotes internal mobility. It enables to offer new career opportunities and contributes to improving the company’s performance overall. The international mobility policy is intended to facilitate professional moves from one country to another. International Mobility assignments contribute to the growth of Ipsen through the transfer of knowledge, technology, and management skills, as well as giving employees motivating challenges and the opportunity to develop their international experience. We encourage several types of mobility: a new position in a new department or function or in a different country, as well as new assignments in your current position.


Equal opportunities and diversity within the Group

The Group endeavors to ensure that all employees are given equal opportunities without any discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, disability, family situation, sexuality, age, nationality or ethnic background.

Among the measures implemented within the Group, Ipsen has renewed and enriched its agreement on equal opportunities for men and women in France on 1 February 2015. Gender equality at Ipsen is founded, for instance, on work-life balance – flexible working hours, part-time working – with no adverse effect on career prospects.

Since 2009, Ipsen has been committed to helping disabled workers find their place within the company. We have signed numerous partnerships to recruit or maintain disabled workers in their position. We have also developed a formal purchasing policy to outsource contracts with centers employing disabled workers.

In 2013, Ipsen also signed its first agreement regarding the employment of young and senior workers and the transfer of knowledge. For young workers, it aims at giving them access to long-term employment and improving their integration in the company. For senior workers, it aims at maintaining their employment; enabling them to transfer their knowledge and helping them prepare and make plans for retirement.



Average age of employees


Women / 41% men


Hours of training in 2015

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