3 benchmark R&D centers

Ipsen has set-up its R&D centers at the heart of three internationally reputed scientific hubs: Paris-Saclay in France, Oxford in the United Kingdom, and Cambridge in the United States. Each site is located close to leading academic research centers, cutting-edge medical centers and biotechnological companies. Interactions with key health industry players greatly increase our chances of access to innovative technologies to speed up the discovery and approval of drugs and services that improve the lives of patients.

Opened on April 1, 2015, the Ipsen Bioscience R&D center in Cambridge is dedicated to conducting research on peptides, mainly in endocrinology and oncology.

It is located in an exceptional environment of universities and academic institutions, within one of the largest life sciences hubs. Ipsen’s researchers work in close proximity with top American universities and institutions (Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc.), prestigious hospitals and major players in pharmaceuticals, as well as pioneering start-ups, including some of Ipsen’s partners. The state-of-the-art Cambridge facility positions Ipsen at the center of the biotech revolution, among the most exciting pioneers in the industry.

The expertise available in this major innovation center in Cambridge focuses on knowledge of hormone-dependent physiopathological mechanisms involving neuropeptides and growth factors. It also has a clinical research and development team, tasked with coordinating and conducting clinical research in North America. A dedicated regulatory group focuses on Ipsen’s regulatory activities with the FDA in the United States.

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